It is The Delta Group's constant endeavour to maximize benefits to all stakeholders by continually monitoring and improving Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) conditions while maintaining the highest levels of quality of work.

The Delta Group's uncompromising and zero tolerance attitude towards safety is embodied in our work culture be it at the various offices, project sites or during travel.

As a policy matter, irrespective of nature, type or size of the work site, the HSE department of The Delta Group functions independently of the Production and Construction departments.

The Delta Group requires active commitment and accountability for HSE norms from all its employees and contractors and implements it's HSE policy through the 3 'E's philosophy:

  • Education
    • Educate its employees to maintain high HSE standards for themselves, their families, their works and their Company
    • Set specific HSE goals
    • Introduce awareness programs and provide on-site training
    • Plan for untoward incidents, recovery measures during emergency and crisis related with HSE issues

  • Empowerment
    • Empowerment of people at grass roots level to "STOP WORK for SAFE WORK" ensures HSE compliance at all levels.
    • Strive for excellence in maintaining HSE standards
    • Develop and employ members of the local community
    • Train, educate and communicate with local community to adhere to HSE standards
    • Carry out regular interactions between all stakeholders

  • Enforcement
    • Strict enforcement of well established HSE rules and standards,
    • Constant monitoring and revaluation of the same.
    • Understand Client's HSE norms requirements and ensure their satisfaction
    • Rewards program incentivizing people to adhere to the highest HSE norms

The Delta Group's commitment and ability to work in remote and underdeveloped areas, providing employment to the local population with different traditions and work cultures while maintaining the highest levels of HSE norms through training, nurturing and incentivizing compliance has earned The Delta Group considerable goodwill from local communities.

Our enviable HSE track record is a living testimonial to the "Safety First" belief within The Delta Group and earning us many accolades from the Industry and our Clients.