Quality of the finished product takes the highest priority at The Delta Group. For this reason the quality policy of The Delta Group is geared to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) by offering personalized attention and customized solutions as per the client requirements. Combined with this approach is the introduction, training and implementation of new and improved technological advancements to ensure that our services are at the cutting edge of the industry.

The Delta Group continuously reassesses its Quality Management System (QMS) to make sure the work is done right the first time, every time. Maintaining that level of quality is all about improving our processes; strengthening our culture; and emphasizing individual performance, accountability, and recognition. Quality is assured at various stages of a project with approved procedures carried out by qualified inspection engineers.

Quality is enhanced by rigorous quality programs, state of the art equipment and highly trained, skilled and professional personnel. In addition to building flexible tools, we are enhancing our quality culture by engaging employees early in their careers – providing greater personal responsibility, institutional support, skills and training. This is also coupled with recognition efforts that empower our employees to “own” the quality of their work and exceed customer expectations. This in turn helps us develop a wider pool of talent who will carry their personal quality commitment forward to their next project or position.

As a policy matter, irrespective of nature, type or size of the work site, the Quality Control and Assurance department of The Delta Group functions independently of the Production and Construction departments.

The Delta Group has an impeccable track record of high standard quality work which has been well received and appreciated by its clients.

The Delta Group has built its corporate image and gained considerable credibility in the construction industry on the strong base of its Quality Management System (QMS) and consistently delivering quality services in a timely manner.