The Delta Group was founded in 1993 by incorporating related activities of Engineering Construction, Logistics and Handling and Trading under the umbrella of The Delta Group. The strength of The Delta Group lies in its ability to utilize these various divisions within the Group to support and complement each other.

The Delta Group’s core competency has remained and will remain for time to come, the development of infrastructure projects nationally and internationally.The Delta Group’s effort and commitment to invest in human resources has resulted in a strong, dedicated team of professionals who are willing to embrace unique challenges and new environments at any given opportunity.

The Delta Group is committed to providing safer, cleaner environments and working standards for our workforce and our clients and create strong awareness and consciousness to achieve a high quality standard.

With the advancement of technology in communication and logistics, and improved relations between countries, the geo-political barriers are a thing of the past, and in order to be a major player globally The Delta Group’s aim is to optimize available human and technological resources and provide a cost effective solution to clients across the globe.

Today when the major economies of the world are under pressure to perform, only companies that have the ability to adapt to constantly changing market demands and consistently deliver innovative ideas combined with cost effective solutions and quality performance will be able to survive in tomorrow’s world.

Dipak J. Barai